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October has come to an end and with it, the projects we have been working on this month.

Today, we are sharing with you our latest Complete Installation of Chip Treatment, which is going to be placed in one of our frequent customers in Spain.

The installation has been designed to integrate the whole stages of the Chip recycling phases and to process 300kg per day of chips. For this purpose, it incorporates the highest quality and the latest technologies in its field. It is composed by 4 metallic conveyors, a vertical crusher model C-500-TRIT, a C-400-CC model centrifuging machine, a magnetic separator and a big-bag housing.

The conveyor no.1 is connected to a 30l (aprox.) deposit to collect the cutting fluids gathered by it. Afterwards, the collected fluids are moved to the central depository, providing the opportunity to reuse them.

The C-500-TRIT crusher machine allows processing long yarned chips from turning, milling or drilling in a continuous way.

The chips are loaded into the hopper by a hinged conveyor. Once chips are in the machine, the material receives cutting forces that tear yarned chips and reduce their size. 

The C-400-CCC centrifuging machine is focused into a continuo degrease of chips coming from a previous crushing process. It has a loading capacity from 400 to 900 kg/h depending on the material and achieves humidity levels below 3%.

With the magnetic separator, the ferric particles are retained and separated from the coolant.

Finally, fully processed chips are deposited into a big-bag by an output conveyor.


All these elements make the installation, one of the most efficient and effective ones to recover both the material and the cutting liquids.


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