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C-500-TRIT chip crusher allows processing long skeined chips from turning, milling or drilling in a contiuous way. It is possible to process any type of common use metal (stainless steel, alloyed steel, aluminium, brass...) Chip is loaded into the hopper by means of a hinged conveyor. Once chips are in the machine, the material receives cutting forces that tear skeined chips and reduce their size. Crushed chips can be removed from the machine by a hinged conveyor. This model is characterized by a modular drive that enables the installation of an hydraulic motor (30kW) or an electrical gearmotor (22kW) depending on the requirements.


    • Very high chip production.
    • Long chip crushing.
    • Crushing of accumulated big skeined chips, unfavorable for crushing.

    • Crushing capacity: 1700Kg/h depending on the materials.
    • Power: 22-30 kW.
    • Modular drive system that enables the installation of an hydraulic motor or an electrical gearmotor.
    • Piece deviation by-pass.
    • Machine inclination improved bar and piece removal system.

    • Robustness due to its manufacturing.
    • High reliability and low maintenance.
    • Chip is prepared for the following centrifuging step.
    • Chip volume reduction from %50 to %80, depending on the material.

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