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Metal chip treatment project


We have recently finished a new chip treatment project that will be installed soon for a customer in the UK.

The complete installation of chip treatment will treat 250kg/h of aluminum chip. It is composed by three conveyors, a vibrating screen, a magnetic drum and a centrifuge. It also includes a lifter and a paper filter as extra accessories.

In this case, the treatment will start once the chip is charged with the lifter. Thanks to the lifter we achieve a much more easier work for the customer, being it all automated.

The first conveyor elevates the chip to load it in the centrifuge passing through a vibrating screen. This way we eliminate any piece, bar tip or other type of strange element the chip can have, avoiding further problems in the centrifuging process.

The centrifuge will receive the chip and proceed to the continuous centrifugation of it, achieving a degree of humidity between 0,8% and 3%.

The second conveyor will elevate the dry chip to load it in the magnetic drum. Like this, we will eliminate any ferrous particle from the aluminium by magnetism.

Finally, the last conveyor will discharge the dry and clean chip.

To learn more about our chip treatment systems, go to our metal chips section.

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