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Vimeo video screenshot press scrap extraction
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On this occasion we want to show you all one of our most recent projects. A double line conveying system for the evacuation of press scraps that our client wanted to install in their plant in order to separate two different materials: steel and aluminium. It consists of two large and robust conveyors, one for each metal.

After studying the case alongside the client, Cometel has designed and manufactured this complete installation so that the customer benefits from the advantages of segregating both materials. The installation allows a correct transport of both, the correct separation between them and the greatest benefit of all: the fact of avoiding contamination between them.

This way we ensure that the materials remain pure and increase their value.

In the video incorporated details can also be seen, such as: rear tensioning springs to be able to tighten the band, lubrication centers for the correct greasing of the conveyor belt, inspection windows to facilitate maintenance work, incorporation of safety elements...

We hope you enjoy it.


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