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Installation for the treatment of long and short chips


New project heading towards its final destination in Latin America. As objective, the reduction of humidity of the chip to later melt it and benefit from the advantages that our system offers (greater performance, reduction of smoke and explosions mainly).

The peculiarity of this project is its double entry of the material, for long chips and short chips. The material will be received (long chips) in the hopper of the first conveyor, raising it in a dosed way to unload it in the crusher.

At the same time, the material is poured (short chips) into the hopper of the second conveyor, which will join the already crushed chips on the way to the centrifuge.

Prior to centrifugation, the installation incorporates a vibrating screen to remove any type of piece or bar tip that goes along with the chip, thus avoiding problems in the centrifuge.

The main process of the installation is the centrifugation with which we will obtain a chip with a minimum degree of humidity.

The last treatment of this installation is given through the magnetic drum. The ferrous particles contained in the chip will be separated and unloaded in a big bag.

Finally, the dry and clean aluminum chips will be unloaded through the last conveyor to a big bag ready to be removed with a pallet truck.

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