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Metal chip conveying system
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Cometel has successfully completed a new project and is about to supply a new metal chip conveying and distribution system to transport the chips that come from the milling process and is to be installed in an important steel flange manufacturer for the wind power sector.

This new project consists of the evacuation of the metal chip generated in 5 milling machines through a P=6" pitch conveyor, and the unloading of said chip onto 2 different containers by means of an automatic swivel tray. Thanks to the use of this tray system, we achieve a correct filling of the scrap containers, thus taking advantage of as much space as possible.

The conveying belt of the conveyors is in-house manufactured and the elements are thermal treated for the longlasting of the equipments.

In addition, the installation is also equipped with an automatic lubrication device, which improves the correct movement of the conveying belt through the guides, in order to avoid wear of the parts.

For any particular need, be it transportation, treatment (crushing, centrifuging and briquetting) of the chip or metal scrap, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad to hear from you.

Tlf:+34 943 74 16 62

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