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Metal chip centrifuging, classification and separation system
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    We arrive at the end of March with a new project of centrifugation, classification and separation of different alloys.

    Today we show you a new product that we have designed, manufactured and installed in the facilities of a very important machining company in the aeronautical sector (Tier 1).

    The client had the need to separate 6 different types of metal alloys, coming from the machining operations carried out in their plant.
    To do this, we designed a roller path that moved some drums, each one of them with a different material. Each drum, by means of a manipulator, is introduced into a centrifuge that performs a centrifugation of it, recovering the oil or soluble on one side and being able to extract the drum with the centrifuged chips through the same manipulator, which carries it and turns the material on the big-bag corresponding to each material. Once said material has been turned over, the empty drum returns through another roller path to the starting point of the process. All this process is automatic, selecting in the corresponding electrical cabinet what material we want to centrifuge at each moment.

    With this, the client achieves the corresponding separation of each of the already centrifuged alloys, and without material contamination, which allows them to revalue their own chip with a fully automatic process.


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