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In a world where electric mobility is becoming a priority, aluminum emerges as a key material due to its ability to reduce the weight of electric vehicles by up to 50%, thus improving their energy efficiency. Faced with this scenario, manufacturers in the automotive industry are challenged with integrating aluminum stamping into their production lines without cross-material contamination.

Cometel positions itself as a leader in this field by providing precise, custome-made responses to each challenge. With a comprehensive, customer-oriented approach, Cometel collaborates closely with each client to ensure the perfect adaptation of its solutions to the specific needs of each case. From initial consultancy to implementation and ongoing support, Cometel´s team of experts is committed to delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations.

The key to the success of Cometel´s solutions is based on its ability to combine experience with cutting-edge technology. With over 35 years of industry experience and a constant focus on research and development, Cometel ensures that its solutions are efficient, effective and sustainable. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the sustainable innovation of these solutions sets the standard for the successful integration of aluminum stamping in electric vehicle manufacturing, paving the way towards a cleaner and more efficient future in the automotive industry.

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