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Stainless steel crushing and centrifuging installation
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    COMETEL has recently supplied a new stainless metal chip crushing and centrifuging installation.

    25 years ago, we supplied to our customer 3 installations, and he has trusted once again in COMETEL for the replacement of 2 of them.

    It consists of 2 twin lines, including the crushing and centrifuging processes of stainless steel chip mixed with oil. 

    In this case, centrifuging and crushing were combined to reduce the volume, humidity and size of metal chips. The stainless-steel crushing system is able to reduce the chips down to smaller sizes which are convenient for a direct centrifuge center.

    With this installation our customer gets some benefits such as:

    1.- An increase in the value of the chip: when we remove the oil from the chip the value of this chip increases.

    2.- The reduction on the cost of oil consumption. By recovering the oil used in the machining processes, it allows a reuse of these in said processes.

    3.- Savings on logistic costs. By reducing the moisture content of the chips, their handling, storage, disposal and transport costs can be greatly reduced.

    4.- A clean, tidy, safe and healthy working environment for the operators.

    5.- Caring for the environment, removing hazardous waste.

    6.- Fast return on investment.

    So in case you have metal chip at your workshop, COMETEL provides you with the most suitable solution for your needs, for example, with special lay outs, different material or different size of installations.

    We will be delighted to hear from you. Let's Make It!

    Tlf: +34 943 74 16 62

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