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Our newest project is currently underway at the facilities of our Russian client specialized in the aeronautical sector. Their main objective is to achieve the reduction of moisture in the chip and the recovery of cutting oils. Thanks to this, they will be able to reuse the recovered refrigerant throughout the process, which represents a great economic saving.

The material will be received in the hopper of the first conveyor, lifting the material in a dosed manner to unload it into the crusher. Once the chip is the right size, the next conveyor will load it into the centrifuge.

The main process of the installation is the centrifugation with which we will ensure that the humidity levels of the metal chips reach a minimun degree.

Once the chip is already dry, the next conveyor will unload the material in the magnetic drum to separate the possible ferrous particles from the titanium chip.

At the end of the process, the material will be unloaded through the last conveyor. We incorporate at the end of it a double rotating tray, which is a very useful accessory that allows us to distribute the unloading of the material in 6 different containers in a homogeneous way.

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