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Aluminum chip treatment installation
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New project already in operation in an important low-pressure aluminum foundry in the Basque Country. Its objective, the preparation of the aluminum chips (crushed, centrifuged) for the subsequent fusion process and benefit from the advantages that our system offers (greater performance, reduction of smoke and explosions mainly). Also, the recovery of cutting oils (filtering system and dredger for sludge filtering) to be able to reuse them.

The chip is fed to the installation by means of a elevating-tipping skip, which automatically feeds the material dosing hopper.

We will receive the material (long aluminum chips) in said hopper and a conveyor belt will feed the shavings to the crusher in a dosed manner.

Once the chip has been crushed, the centrifuge is fed through a conveyor belt. In the centrifuge, we manage to reduce the degree of humidity of the chip to minimum levels, degrees always below to 3% (0.8% - 3%), which converts the chip from being a dangerous waste to an inert waste.

Once the chip has been centrifuged, the oil or cutting fluid is sent to a filtration system, which allows said fluid to be filtered and reused in the production process, which represents significant economic savings.

Finally, the material will be unloaded through the last conveyor. We incorporate a rotating tray at the end of it, a very useful accessory that allows us to distribute the unloading of the material in a homogeneous way in the container, and in this way optimize their filling, with the consequent logistical savings.

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