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Installation for the treatment of aluminum chips with small pieces


    This new installation meets the needs of our client, whose main objective is to reduce the humidity of the chip to later melt it. Our installation not only will provide our customer with greater production in their ovens, but also reduce energy consumption and avoid fumes and explosions.

    The material will be received in the hopper of the first conveyor, raising the material in a dosed manner to unload it in the centrifuge. We realize that our client's chips have small pieces, so we include a vibrating screen to separate them from the metal chips. It is a simple process that helps avoid possible damage to the centrifuge.

    The main process of the installation is centrifugation, with which a chip with a minimum degree of humidity will be obtained.

    Finally, the material will be unloaded through the last conveyor. We incorporate at the end of it a rotating tray; a very useful accessory that allows us to distribute the unloading of the material in the container in a homogeneous way.

    We also include a paper filter where we recover the cutting oils extracted throughout the process, thus being able to reuse them.

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