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Compact chip treatment system


    We have developed a new metal chip treatment system which offers the optimal solution for the revaluation of all kinds of metal chips and the reuse of oils and coolants.

    First, the short chips are dumped onto the conveyor, which then dumps the chips into an industrial centrifuge where their moisture levels are significantly reduced.

    The characteristics and advantages of this equipment are:

    1.- It reduces the logistics costs to a minimum, because it can simplify the whole process of chip transportation and treatment.

    2.- It is a new compact chip system for machining centers with the minimum floor space requirements.

    3.- This Cometel installation can process all kinds of chips.

    4.- A revaluation of the chip is achieved.

    5.- Promotion of the circular economy, since the recovered refrigerant can be reused again in the machining processes.

    6.-Versatility. The possibility of incorporating other processes, such as crushing for long chips and screening for the separation of solid materials.

    7.- Represents a reduction in refirgerant costs. Especially when it comes to oil.

    Despite it being an apparently simple piece, as we can see, this all-in-one solution provides the client with multiple advantages.

    Learn more about the benefits derived from chip treatment for machining and foundries or for waste processors in our industry news section.

    Or if you prefer, take a look at our chip treatment catalogue.


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