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Cometel solutions for sustainability and the circularity of industrial materials


    • Industries that adopt sustainable approaches pave the way to a more balanced and responsible future from an environmental and social point of view
    • Thanks to the know-how gained in more than 35 years and the eagerness to continue making strides towards a more sustainable future, we have learned to adapt and offer solutions that are 100% tailored and created by us

    In a world where sustainability has become imperative in the industrial sector, companies play a crucial role in preserving the environment, promoting a circular economy, reducing environmental impacts, protecting health and improving enterprise competitiveness.

    By adopting these types of measures, Industries pave the way to a more balanced and responsible future from an environmental and social point of view. And not only that. Primarily from a monetary perspective, companies could generate an additional 4.18 billion Euro from now until 2030 if they adopt circular economy principles across the board, according to calculations made by Accenture.

    In response to this need, Cometel has positioned itself as a leader in delivering solutions that promote material circularity, contribute to developing a more sustainable economy and benefit companies as well as the environment.

    Our commitment to sustainability

    Currently there is a growing demand for sustainable solutions from customers and consumers. At Cometel we recognise the environmental challenges our planet is facing and try to have a positive impact on society as well as the environment. Therefore, as a committed company, we have assumed the responsibility of developing sustainable solutions that help fight climate change as well as reduce pollution and the over-exploitation of natural resources.

    The alarming loss of biodiversity and the unprecedented challenge represented by climate change has caused the regulations and norms related with sustainability and waste management to constantly evolve in order to face the challenges that are being addressed. At Cometel we are thoroughly familiar with these changes and we strive to comply with the legal requirements, going above and beyond what is required.

    We directly contribute to protecting the environment and to improving people's quality of life. This way we understand that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity to innovate and grow our enterprise.

    Tangible results for our customers and the Environment

    Through the implementation of innovative solutions, the valuable know-how gained in more than 35 years and the eagerness to continue making strides towards a more sustainable future, we have learned to adapt and offer solutions that are 100% tailored and created by us.

    At Cometel we know of the importance of evaluating the demands of the market, ensuring we comply with the regulations and norms and especially, maintaining an active conversation with our customers in order to have a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements and priorities. We provide the best solution for each customer and to accomplish this, we analyse factors such as the type and quantity of oil to be recovered, the processing needs and their objectives. Likewise, monitoring performance and evaluating the satisfaction of our customers is always an opportunity for improvement to implement modifications and updates in existing products.

    Obtaining material circularity through the implementation of Cometel solutions provides different advantages:

      1. Efficiency in the way waste is managed: The solutions offered by Cometel allow carrying out a more efficient way of managing waste by facilitating the recycling and re-use of materials, thus reducing their impact on the environment.
      2. Minimising the use of resources and cost savings: Implementing circular economy practices allows reducing the dependency on natural resources by using materials that have been recycled or re-used. Our sustainable solutions allow achieving significant savings in the purchasing of raw materials and in reducing the production costs of our customers: recovering 99% of the refrigerant, the revaluation of the material... achieving an important optimisation of the ROI. Do you want to discover how you can save by implementing our solutions? Discover how much with our ROI calculator.
      3. Compliance with regulations and norms: Cometel stays up to date regarding the regulations and norms related with waste management and sustainability. By using the solutions provided by Cometel, customers comply with the legal requirements and avoid sanctions or fines.
      4. Improving the brand image: The adoption of sustainable practices and the implementation of circular economy solutions improves the brand image of companies, strengthening their reputation and creating a stronger connection with consumers concerned with sustainability.
      5. Reducing the environmental impact: Obtaining material circularity with Cometel's solutions directly contributes to reducing the environmental impact and achieving a more sustainable future.
      6. Compliance with the sustainability goals: Many companies and organisation have set sustainability goals in their business strategy. Cometel's solutions help customers reach these goals by providing technologies that promote material circularity and sustainable resource management.

    Therefore, sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive. Our solutions allow companies to optimise their processes, reduce costs and improve their competitiveness on the market, while guaranteeing the efficiency in waste management, a remarkable return on investment (click here to discover the ROI you can obtain by implementing our solutions) and actively contribute to achieving their sustainability goals.

    By adopting sustainable practices, companies can not only contribute to a future from more of an environmental and social perspective, but also obtain significant profits. It allows companies to make more responsible consumer decisions, guarantee the quality and reliability of the products and services they purchase, differentiate themselves in a competitive market and comply with the regulatory requirements and the expectations of their end customers, while achieving a significant annual savings.
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